Samyang Biopharm USA and Dr. Hyun-Sung Lee, Baylor College of Medicine Announce Strategic Collaboration to Study the Effects of SYB-010 On Overcoming Resistance to Immune Checkpoint Therapy

– Dr. Lee to receive a milestone-driven research grant from Samyang to investigate and advance the potential of Samyang’s lead cancer compound, SYB-010 –

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.– (August 23, 2021)– Samyang Biopharm USA, Inc. ( a global biotech subsidiary of the Samyang Holdings Pharmaceuticals Corp. (, announced today that the company has entered into a three-year research collaboration with Dr. Hyun-Sung Lee, Assistant Professor of Surgery and Director of the Systems Onco-Immunology Laboratory (SOIL) at Baylor College of Medicine. Samyang has awarded Dr. Lee a sponsored research grant which will utilize the capabilities of his laboratory to investigate the potential role of SYB-010, Samyang’s lead Immuno-Oncology asset, in sensitizing the tumor-immune microenvironment to immune checkpoint inhibitors.

“This alliance leverages Dr. Lee’s proven approach to immuno-oncology drug discovery and provides Samyang with the ideal research partner for this program,” stated Barbara Natke, Ph.D., MBA, Head of Translational Sciences and Acting Vice President of Business Development, Samyang Biopharm USA. “Samyang is constantly looking for novel drug discovery platforms with the potential to transform drug development to address the unmet needs of patients. This strategic collaboration is a significant step in meeting that goal.“

The primary goal of this study is to determine the predictive role of soluble MHC Class 1 Chain-Related Protein (sMIC) in identifying non-responders to immune checkpoint therapy and to determine the role of SYB-010, an anti-MIC therapy, in overcoming such resistance.

“Improving outcomes for cancer patients is only possible through a clear understanding of the potential of investigational drugs like SYB-010” said, Dr. Hyun-Sung Lee. “This partnership and financial support will leverage our established expertise in studying cancer-immune system networks through state-of-the-art single-cell platforms to answer questions around resistance to checkpoint immunotherapy, which is a significant hurdle in realizing the full potential of such therapies.”

“Dr. Lee’s expertise and deep understanding of cancer research; particularly in the areas of systems biology and immunology, will provide valuable insights into the potential of SYB-010, which in pre-clinical models has shown a clear immunomodulatory effect along with a reduction in tumor growth,” said Helen Hyun Jung Lee, President & CEO, Samyang Biopharm USA, Inc. “Samyang is delighted at the opportunity to partner with a scientist of Dr. Lee’s stature and we look forward to this collaboration as it will provide a foundation for the advancement of our compound into 2022 clinical trials and the opportunity to treat patients.”

About SYB-010
SYB-010 (formerly CuraB-10), is a first-in-class therapeutic acquired by Samyang Biopharm USA from CanCure, LLC, in 2019. In cancer model systems, SYB-010 potently activates both the T lymphocyte and NK (natural killer) cell arms of the anti-tumor immune response.  In animal models that are not responsive to inhibitors of PD-1, PD-L1 or CTLA-4, SYB-010 has the potential to work synergistically when combined with to those therapies to broaden the potential for an immune attack on cancer alone. The compound is currently in Investigational New Drug (IND)-enabling studies.

About Samyang Biopharm USA, Inc.
Samyang Biopharm USA, a global biopharmaceutical company focused on the global development of first-in class biologic therapeutics for oncology and rare disease indications, was established as a subsidiary of Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corporation (South Korea) in August 2018 and in 2021 became a subsidiary of Samyang Holdings Corp. Through collaborations, partnerships and in-licensing, Samyang Biopharm USA seeks to identify promising pre-clinical and early clinical candidates and advance them through clinical development with the objective of improving the lives of patients worldwide. The company’s current pipeline includes the anti-MIC immuno-oncology asset SYB-010 currently in IND enabling studies.